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Music that comes from the soul leaves a permanent footprint on the heart.  Its embrace is so real that it is manifested into a whimsically synchronized composition called “universe”.  You are but a single note in that composition, yet without that one note, the song is incomplete.  Open your heart to the miracle of music and hear what a difference your one note can make in the universe.                          

~Lisa Sadowski


SOULSILK PRODUCTIONS is a management company which seeks to demonstrate the POWER, PASSION, and PURPOSE of life through music and coaching services.  The SOULSILK PRODUCTIONS portfolio of services demonstrates just that.  From live bands to vocal coaching each one shares the common thread of delivering on that mission.    Click the links below to learn more about each service, or enter your email address below to join our mailing list to stay on top of the latest Soulsilk Productions endeavors…

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R&B, Funk, Jazz band 


Soul42 logoSoul 4 II  Duo / Trio group 

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Lisa Sadowski-Vocal coach and soloist


Contact us at:  (805) 253-3311




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  1. lisasoul
    5 years ago

    Welcome to the Soulsilk productions website. Here you will find links and resources to keep up to date with all things music! Stay in touch, leave a comment… let’s hear from you!